TFAC CHAIR’S Bio - Dr. R. Lee (Bob) Brown:
Dr. Brown earned a Doctorate in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego (USD) and a Masters in Cross Cultural counseling at San Diego State University (SDSU). His doctoral studies focused on adaptive, servant, transformative leadership strategies and his master’s work concentrated on cross-cultural relationship management.  Dr. Brown’s leadership experiences in public and private sector enterprise risk management, human resources, mediation-conflict resolution, achievements as an adjunct faculty in graduate homeland security and guest lecturer in graduate community mental health counseling has provided him with abilities and skills to serve people in ways that inspires them to do their best. In addition to his service on other insurance boards, as chair, trustee and board member of the California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) and CSU’s Auxiliary Organization Risk Management Alliance (AORMA), joint powers insurance programs, he designed self-insured Workers’ Compensation and Captive insurance financing programs that save CSU hundreds of millions of dollars annually.  

Dr. Brown is currently involved in providing management training and conflict resolution skills to various individuals in leadership positions in public, private, educational, and government sectors. He is also very engaged in bringing mediation training and communication strategies to community based organizations. He chairs an executive advisory board for at the University of California, (UCSD) San Diego and services on the San Diego Humane Society (SPCA) community engagement board.

A Message from our President

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve TFAC and hope to continue

the exemplary leadership provided by my predecessor Mr. Mark Spino.” "I cannot

be successful in this role without the help of very dedicated individuals such as i.e.,

Kevin McPartland, Dave Crawley, Jack Tingley, John Mazur, Peter Damascus and

other TFAC members currently serving or served in the past. I sincerely want all

TFAC members to know that I am humbled by their dedication to our cause, so

please do not hesitate to contact me with any TFAC related help you think I can

provide.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you at one of our many TFAC

sponsored functions through out the year.”

    Bob Brown “72 & 73”  
    “Fight On”




Every year TFAC provides scholarships to seniors who are ending their football career.












We have also established The Marv Goux Fund. To find out more and how you can donate to these funds. Click below:

The only rosters we keep are xeroxed copies of the annual roster from the

media guide or game, those rosters don't include in-season

additions (usually walk-ons who join the team in the fall after the publication

of the guide/program)...but we don't have this in electronic form.

Various standards have been used to determine USC players over the years, but since 1976, squad members who have played at least 30 minutes have been listed here as lettermen. There have been many exceptions to that rule, including kickers and others who contributed significantly to the team’s success without playing 30 minutes. In addition, senior squad members who have been on the team for several years have generally been awarded letters for their senior season, as long as they appeared in at least one game. This has been a long-standing policy. The list is confined to former players who actually played on USC’s teams of American Rules Football, and does not include individuals who lettered only in rugby. Positions, heights, and weights are generally those listed in USC publications and other sources in the player’s final year. Positions are primarily listed in the terminology of the era in which the player played. “Hometowns” by longstanding custom are usually the places from which players came to USC, and are located in California unless noted. Parenthetical notations contain a player’s high school, and junior or senior college, attended before USC, where known, and are in the state of the player’s hometown, unless noted. This list was expanded by Michael J. Glenn (with input from Gary Wright). USC appreciates their invaluable efforts.

TFAC isn’t just about celebrating the team or reliving the glory days of being a Trojan it is about mentoring the young Trojans and giving them guidance in life and in work.  Consider TFAC as “a resource file of business and professional leaders who have the time available to meet with those seeking advice and direction.”


Not only does TFAC mentor the younger generation of former players, but we also sponsor a scholarship expressly for a graduating player who wants to get his graduate degree at an approved university.  “Since 1978 we have awarded, in partnership with the John Wayne family, dozens of post graduate scholarships to former players not pursuing professional football careers.




Former USC Players

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Founded in 1956


The Trojan Football Alumni Club (TFAC) that was originally founded in 1956 when a handful of former players met up at the funeral of teammate, Jay Perrin.  They realized they shouldn’t have to wait for a funeral to meet up and support each other.   Now, half a century later is it still going strong.  This organization is the only one of its kind.  No other college football team has an alumni support club!



TFAC connect

When the Trojan Football Alumni Club was founded 50+ years ago, its fundamental purpose was to create unity for all players, coaches and support staff who have played a part in establishing SC’s great football heritage.  The members have always had a sense of how special it is to be a Trojan and with that came a natural need to be supportive through introducing membership programs that matter!

TFAConnect, an innovative career development program created by the Trojan Football Alumni Club, takes the club’s commitment to its members to another level.  The ‘Connect’ initiative provides professional career direction and resources to former players of all eras, including career orientation and placement, business partner networking and mentoring.



TFAC CommitteeS

Golf Tournament - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members: Crawley, Tingley, Damascus, Rice, D. Spino, Munson
Spring Practice BBQ - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members:
Spring Game - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members:
Salute to Troy - Chair: Mazur, Lavin
     Committee Members:
Tailgate - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members: Crawley, Hayes
Homecoming - Chair: McPartland
    Committee Members:
Heritage Tunnel - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members:
Heritage Tunnel Shirts - Chair: Lavin
    Committee Members:
Fall Banquet - Chair: Tingley
    Committee Members:    
Memorial - Chair: Lewis
    Committee Members:
Board Meeting Coordinator - Chair: Brown
    Committee Members:
Membership - Chair: McPartland, Capone
    Committee Members:
Web Site - Chair: Capone
    Committee Members:
Finance - Chair: Mazur
    Committee Members:
By-Laws - Chair: McPartland
    Committee Members:
Insurance - Chair: Brown
    Committee Members:
TFAC Connect - Chair: Brown
    Committee Members:
Awards/Promotional Items/Apparel - Chair: Lavin
    Committee Members:
Event Speakers - Chair: Spino
    Committee Members:
Awards - Chair: Lavin
    Committee Members: